Delivers For Our Community

Darcy Byrne is getting things done for our community and will continue to fight to make the Inner West Council work for local people.

Darcy is one of us, having grown up here and represented our community for many years.

Before being elected to Council, Darcy spent more than a decade managing services for disadvantaged young people across the inner city and has always been committed to giving a helping hand to anyone who needs it.

As our elected Mayor of Leichhardt, Darcy was undemocratically removed from office when the NSW Government forcibly merged our Councils. He kept fighting to protect our community from attacks by the State Government and at the 2017 election he was voted back in as the first Mayor of the Inner West.

He has spent every day since working hard to make the Inner West Council work for you, not the State Government.

Darcy has delivered including turning the parking meters off at night, saving Dawn Fraser Baths with a once in a generation heritage restoration, championing live music and arts and winning $15 million from State Government to help create the new Rozelle Parklands which will replace the WestConnex construction site in Rozelle.

Having Darcy as our Balmain (Baludarri) Ward Councillor and Mayor means the voice of our community is heard, not ignored. He always stands up for our community – no matter what.

Now Darcy is asking for your vote at the Local Government Elections on 4 December, to keep getting things done for our community.

To let Darcy know about your priorities for our community, please complete our short survey. To do this please visit

Contact Darcy

Phone: 02 9392 5900
Email: [email protected]

Adele and Darcy


A Represenative You Can Trust

Adele has joined the Local Labor team as the Number 2 Candidate for the Balmain (Baludarri) Ward at the Local Government Elections on 4 September 2021.

For the past 18 years, Adele has cared for the health of local residents as the owner and operator of the Adore Pharmacy in Darling Street, Rozelle. Adele is an accomplished pharmacist, small business owner and member of the executive of the Pharmacy Guild of NSW. Adele attended Leichhardt High School and has lived in Annandale for 25 years.

Throughout the pandemic, Adele and her team at Adore Pharmacy have worked hard to provide local people with the medicines, vaccinations and support they need to stay healthy and get through the crisis.

Now, she is stepping up to serve the community in a new way – as your Councillor for Balmain (Baludarri) Ward.

Alongside our Mayor and Number 1 candidate, Darcy Byrne, Adele wants to make the Council work for you.

With your support, Adele will use her in-depth experience in health and business to improve local services, including:

  1. Revitalising our main streets through new street furniture, plantings and upgraded footpaths to attract locals and visitors.
  2. Improve Council’s support for local businesses through faster processing times for applications and better customer service.
  3. Helping our community recover from the pandemic by expanding supply of vaccinations to local pharmacies.

To let Adele know more about your priorities for our community, please complete the short survey.

To do this please visit