Citizen Service Charter

Getting the Basics Right

Labor understands the importance of local services for local residents and is committed to improving standards of service delivery across the local government area. Labor will:

  • Set an improved standard for verge mowing, footpath maintenance and street cleaning across the LGA
  • Improve the budget for verge mowing, footpath maintenance and street cleaning by 10%
  • Increase investment  in the budget for the renewal of community assets including town halls, libraries, administration and works buildings, parks and pools, storm water drainage and public trees

A More Responsive Council

Labor will act to make the Council more responsive to the ratepayers it is responsible to. Labor will:

  • Implement a Customer Service Charter to improve responsiveness to ratepayers
  • Expand the functions of the Ombudsman to be more focused on customer service
  • Adopt new technologies to improve transparency around maintenance schedules so residents can know when and where maintenance is due to occur in their neighbourhood
  • Offer “Your say” stalls directly in neighbourhoods on key issues impacting the community
  • Establish a customer service point in every library
  • Establish a mobile customer service van to bring council administration directly to ratepayers

Planning That Puts People First

Labor will continue to put people first when it comes to planning for our suburbs. Planning should be fair, transparent and driven by community need, not developer greed. Labor will:

  • Set a goal to reduce the time it takes to assess development applications for residential properties from 101 to 60 days;
  • Throughout the LEP process, promote planning that:
    • Protects our suburban streets and allows development close to transport, shops, and schools
    • Maintains our existing heritage listing and looks to expand where possible
    • Promotes environmental and design excellence in all new development
    • Protectsemployment lands
    • Requires developers to provide affordable housing where there is new housing development.
  • Grow affordable and key worker housing across the Inner West, supporting the diversity of our community and ensuring everyone has access to safe, secure, and affordable housing.
  • Vigorously pursue more affordable housing through development contributions and planning policy, including:
    • Setting and enforcing increased developer affordable housing contributions in the LEP
    • Enforcing council’s inclusionary zoning target
    • Establishing an Affordable Housing Reference Group, chaired by the Mayor and consisting of local planning, social and community groups and community housing providers, to help monitor and guide council’s activities to increase affordable housing
    • Campaigning for the State Government to remove “no-fault” evictions and for the Federal Government to establish minimum building standards in new developments to allow people to age in place and build more accessible housing stock in our communities
Darcy Byrne Getting the Basics Right